I have been in a state of complete and utter amazement since the Lost Finale that I don't even know where to begin. I will start by saying, that this is perhaps the fist time in the history of television or movies where the writers gave us an incredibly gripping and emotional happy ending and sad ending to the same story at the very same time. I was literally sobbing in uncontrollable sadness watching Jack die and Vincent lie down next to him so he wouldn't 'die alone' and crying tears of joy at thier reunion at the same time. Such an ecstasy of emotions and discovery brings me yet to another sad sad discovery.....coming back here to my dear friends at Lostpedia and seeing blank stares and blank statements from many as if they did not see LOST at all.

The experience of watching such a complete story of LOST has been so profound for me, so utterly moving, that I hoped it would be the same for all of you. If it is not so for you right now, I can accept your opinions as such, knowing that one day, all of this will be very meaningful -- if in a totally different way than you would ever expect. I am grateful for all of you and for this opportunity to tell you what "The End" meant to me:

Lost is a story about a spiritual journey told with a level of commitment and energy and enthusiasm from storytellers that should go down in history as storytellers for all time.

Lost was a journey, an incredible spiritual journey for a group of amazing people who started out complete strangers but were bonded supernaturally. It has been said that survivors from a catastophic event bond in a very strong and committed way. I beleive this. I beleive LOST was about how Lost they were physically, emotionally and spiritually and that through a plane crash and learning to depend on each other - they became not alone.

I have watched 'The End' several times, and every line, every expression is so meaningful. Every mystery has been solved for me. Every burning question I had before either doesn't matter or fits neatly into the context of the big picture with a powerful message. It was so clear to me that Jack, MiB, and Desmond all expected something different/a different result from Desmond's descension into the heart of the Island. They were all wrong and they were all right. Yet it was so much bigger than their comprehension anyway...

There were so many beautiful, beautiful moments in this final episode. Things they said to each other, looks they gave, hugs, kisses that changed their awareness. One of the most amazing things for me was when Kate said to Jack, "No...that's not how you know me..." and when Christian said to Jack, "This is a place that you all made together, so you could find each other." They were 'lost' together so they made sure they would 'find' each other.

I still get choked up...They were Lost without each other and they were Lost until they found each other and they made a pact that they would "live together...and NOT die alone" so they made this place. A place after death that they would come to and meet up and create situations that would make them remember and they would go on together" Not one of them would be alone again, their love for each other built this place.

I am so proud of the writers for taking us here. They had the guts to explore all kinds of themes including science and make it interesting to everyone; Spiritual and religious and make it visible to everyone. That takes comitment and guts to pull this off and create characters that we love so much that we understand their personal redemptions and we learn that their lives mattered to everyone they were connected to.

For those of you who do not see it this way, may your memories of Lost be as meaningful and poignant as it has been for me.

For those of you who could possibly be angry at such an incredible work of art, I say, in the words of Kate, "Christian Shephard...Seriously?" You knew his name was Christian Shephard in season 1 - If you are surprised that he turned out to be "A Christian Shephard" in the angry at yourself.--Annied 01:34, May 27, 2010 (UTC)

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