Can anyone tell me why Jack is still sporting ths scar on his forehead from young Charles Whitmore hitting him with the butt of his rifle? I mean...He made it through the gun fight with Sayid and the nuke strapped to his back, the "fist-fight to death" with Sawyer taking a sever beating to his face and of course the nuke explosion and the EM event throwing all of them several yards. Not to mention all of the metal flying everywhere. The Island has miraculous healing properties and not one of them still have any scars from all of those incidents expect Jack has had that one scar on his forehead all season.....there has to be something about that scar don't you think? I am just not sure why they pick that one instead of all the gashes he got from James...--Annied 21:12, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

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