According to the LostPedia definition of foreshadowing there are several references to events being Foreshadowed and of course some that turn out to be Red Herrings prevalent on Lost. I would like to get peoples thoughts on the following potential foreshadowing events on wether they are truely that or Red Herrings:

  • Kate at the river being surprised by Jack and Hurley: "I almost shot you Jack!" Many think this is foreshadowing which would be heartbreaking, however I beleive (hope) this could be a red herring because Jack then stumbles on one of the shows most known red-herrings, Shannon's Inhaler!
  • Rose and Bernard in "the Incident": "We don't mind dying as long as we are together!" Not a direct quote, but I beleive this is truely foreshadowing them as Adam and Eve that are clearly dead and "together". We already know it is a man and woman, and Hurley references wether it could be one of them?
  • Speaking of, that was such a surreal exchange between Rose, Bernard, Vincent, Sawyer, Kate and Juliet: Alot happened in that scene and they seemed to be entranced and deeply philosophical. Bernard had a knowing or even other-worldly look in his eye when asking Juliet if she would like some tea and Juliet looking almost trancelike in her hurt said, Maybe some other time? Is that all foreshadowing: the tea, someother time? or maybe they were already dead, and they were guiding them somehow? (I digress.) I cant help to think that it wasn't what we thought it ws because Sawyer said he searched for them grid by grid.
  • Speaking of seeing Vincent: Doesn't John Locke in a future time period come across Vincent's leash at the beach camp and sadly says the leash BELONGED to Vincent.He did not say it is Vincent's leash, yet we see Rose holding the exact same rope leash? I LOVE that dog, I certainly hope that is not foreshadowing his death.
  • When Ben tells the group they should go back to the beach for safety because the water is at their back: Is this foreshadowing that they need the water for some kind of fortification?
  • Lastly, because this is all I can think of that matters for now: When Sawyer tells Kate that some men are meant to be alone: I beleive this is an important point. Maybe he is meant to be alone on the Island as Jacob, but what this could also mean, is that he is foreshadowing losing Kate as they seem to be moving towards "being together". I cannot get the scene of John Locke, Miles, Juliet, Daniel, and Sawyer paddling the canoe towards the other side of the island out of my head. Suddenly they are being shot at by another canoe and Sawyer asks Juliet to cover his back and she starts shooting back. Was that other canoe carrying Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, Jin, Claire towards Hydra island in this current time? If so Did Juliet shoot one of them, possibly Kate? The foreshadowing comes in when they land on the shore and they are exhausted, and Juliet tells Sawyer that he didn't get to finish talking to her (about Kate). Right before the shooting, He was thinking about Kate and was opening up to Juliet about how he just saw her and how it felt. I beleive his words were, "I saw her," and then they started to get shot at. After the shooting, when Juliet asked him to continue, in reference to Kate he said, "I wasn't about to tell you anything, what I saw doesn't matter because she is gone!" Chilling..

What are your thoughts, do you have any foreshadowing to add? I know there are a ton of these events right now, looking forward to hearing your thoughts. --Annied 23:11, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

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