Ok after bringing myself to watch the heart-wrenching scene again last night where Sayid steps up to take the bomb and tell Jack his last words, I felt there was a clue hidden in there about who The Episode title: "The Candidate" was about. Perhaps this was our first clue that Jack will ultimately be the replacement for Jacob.

We don't know what happened nor do we know the full extent of the conversation that Desmond had with Sayid at the well, but we do know that whatever Desmond told Sayid it caused him to change his mind about killing him and I beleive started Sayid's redemption. Sayid was gone long enough to get Locke to go after him.

A while back I theorized that Desmond knew what was happening and what needed to happen in both timelines. My reason for beleiving this in the OT was because of his complete calm state of mind and immediate change of heart about helping Whitmore. More importantly, he seemed to be totally at ease and not fraid at all-- communicating to the audience that he knew exactly how this was all going to turn out. Of course this throws off MiB, he doesn't like that he is unafraid and he really doesn't like it when Desmond says, "What is the point of being afraid?" Well if you have to make a huge sacrifice not to mention be ok with coming back to the island, It seems you will be of this demeanor if you know how it is going to turn out and you are perfectly happy with how it is going to turn out.

What if, after Sayid decided not to kill Desmond, what if Desmond told Sayid what was going on with MIB/smokey, how things were going to turn out for Sayid, the importance of why they were there etc etc. What if Desmond told Sayid that Jack is going to replace Jacob?

What if now Sayid was so ok with this outcome that he beleived as long as Jack could make it out alive they would all have the outcomes they wanted. Or just as compelling what if he learned if this didn't happen, They would all simply cease to be?

Although I beleive that Sayid's instinctual reaction to save his friends was just that. I also think that his last words to Jack were very important: "About a half of mile south of the Beach camp Locke threw Desmond in a well. You will have to get him out, Locke wants him dead which means he is a threat to him. Jack asks: "Why are you telling me this?" and Sayid says, "Because it is going to be you Jack!" And runs off.

He doesn't say, you need to get him out, or it is important to save him, or don't forget about Desmond, He said "Because it is going to be you Jack." Given the title of this episode, The Candidate, do you think these last words from Sayid to Jack were meaningful? These two guys have been through so much together and have never let each other down...I don't know it was beyond meaningful in many ways, I just wonder if this was a bigger statement than we thought. Any thoughts?--Annied 01:30, May 7, 2010 (UTC)

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