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March 10, 2010
  • Annied

    Help me people...PLEASE!!

    August 7, 2010 by Annied

    I know I haven't been on here in quite a while and maybe no one even knows me anymore but I have been cruising the blogs, but quiet the last few weeks (maybe more than a few). Anyways, I FREAKED out when DaemonRising (Whom I have missed terribly - great to see your name pop up again)was on here talking about the "Man in Charge" Epilogue. Is there a place to watch it? All I can find is a short 1 minute preview. PLEASE tell me where I can go and see it??!!

    Also, What the h*ll is that stupid little facebook-lookin' badge thing about. Seriously, what is that thing and how do I get rid of it??? I guess I am getting too old for this site, but I hate those pop-up goofy things. Any help would be appreciated. Not trying to be negative - just…

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  • Annied

    There has been alot of discouraged viewers and many many fulfilled viewers. As you know, I beleive Lost has been nothing short of a Masterpiece. I am writing this not to be condescending, although I can see why some take it that way. I said before that it saddened me that so many of our fellow friends here on LP were left feeling disenchanted. This is not coming from a place of "oh, you don't have faith so too bad for you" it is coming from a place that I know you have been invested in the show or you wouldn't be on here, I would hope your investment would be a huge return. Nothing more, nothing less - just my hope for everyone on here.

    But for those that felt "Duped" or mislead: I really beleive that what it comes down to is that you w…

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  • Annied

    LOST: A Masterpiece

    May 27, 2010 by Annied

    I have been in a state of complete and utter amazement since the Lost Finale that I don't even know where to begin. I will start by saying, that this is perhaps the fist time in the history of television or movies where the writers gave us an incredibly gripping and emotional happy ending and sad ending to the same story at the very same time. I was literally sobbing in uncontrollable sadness watching Jack die and Vincent lie down next to him so he wouldn't 'die alone' and crying tears of joy at thier reunion at the same time. Such an ecstasy of emotions and discovery brings me yet to another sad sad discovery.....coming back here to my dear friends at Lostpedia and seeing blank stares and blank statements from many as if they did not see…

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  • Annied

    I am in Awe over this epsode. It was so extraordinary, it was amazing. It was far beyond any expectation I have ever had. I can't wait for the finale. I have to say to @Hurley's Hummer, totally thought of you went Hurley drove up in his That was perfect, so Hurley.

    The finale is going to be awesome. I know some are going to be dissapointed with 'the answers' we are getting. Darlton sums it up nicely in the New York times article tht came out this weekend. They are telling a story, not answering questions, they want to respect our imaginations. They said that season 5 was a nod to the science fans and season 6 is about spirituality. They feel that those who are looking for the hard or even soft science, the sci-fi are goi…

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  • Annied

    There is no 'liking' Sayid, I think it safe to say we LOVE him. If the writers wanted to show how karma works, or better yet how tortured a "torturer" really is, they gave us Sayid.

    Sayid proved to us and told us time and again that he was ready and willing to die for his fellow survivors, he took his friendships very seriously. Jack was a badass, but would not have been nearly as effective without his constant support from Sayid..The ULTIMATE Badass!!

    Sayid = so raw yet so refined, he was not the bully badass type because he was so dang smart. It was too bad that they showed him getting sucked in by Ben there for a while, because he wasn't sucked in by anyone ever...He never trusted Ben even when everyone else did. He did not beleive Mic…

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