Long time reader, first time posting.

There's always been the narrative's constant shifting of our, and the Survivors, perspective of Benjamin Linus. He's the victim (Henry Gale). He's the villian (Ben, the Leader of the Others). He's the victim (Ben, Locke's prisoner). He's the hero (Ben, the Leader of the Others). Now, along with Ben, Widmore has been revealed to be just as duplicitas.

With "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", I can't help but feel that neither of them are actually Good Guys. They might believe that they are, but, their Ends Justify the Means approaches hardly fit into any morality that I can relate to. Hell, I don't even know if the Island is Good, but, I'd have to say that, although he's a push-over, John seems to be the only Good contender for the title of Leader of the Others.

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