I've put "Finale" in the blog title. Those that would prefer to not read anything that could potentially diminish their enjoyment of Wednesday's show should not read this.


As of the ending of "Follow the Leader", Jin, Miles, and Hurley are armed and heading for the beach. Beyond getting there, and possibly hooking up with the missing survivors (Bernard and Rose), there isn't much story for their characters during the 82 minutes of the finale. My feeling is that, either by their own decision or simply by the course of events, they'll be sidetracked. Hurley knows about the Cabin and that Locke went there and learned that he had to move the Island. Hurley could decide that they should go there and try to get help. Or, the Cabin could find them.

If they do go to the Cabin, I think that events there will somehow effect Locke's visit to Jacob in 2008 or vice versa. Ha, ha, maybe Hurley, Jacob, and Locke will all be on a three-way call spanning 30 years.

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