Warning- Extremely Long

I just want to know if I'm understanding this correctly. I'm not one to be able to enjoy Lost by just taking it in. I get all wrapped up in the mystery and love wrestling with what it could all mean. So, once again, my new view of Faraday. Please chime in and help me get it.

1) Faraday is raised by Eloise. Her 'job' is to mold him into the man that his natural abilities can allow him to be. She's someone who somehow 'knows' things about events and as far as Daniel goes, has first hand knowledge of his future because some of it took place in her own past. She mentions Destiny and is pushing him towards his.

2) This leads him into the scientific field of Theoretical Physics and, after a big break with his Mother where she gives him his journal, a position at Oxford. This is where, while conducting Time Sliding experiments on mice, he meets Desmond the Time Slider. It's this event that pushes Faraday further ahead until he finally does experiments on himself and his girlfriend. Both of which, eventual become Swiss cheese heads.

Let's take a moment to talk about Faraday's Journal. Throughout his time on the Island, we've seen Daniel reference and write in his journal many times. In 'The Variable' he appears to be referencing it like a magical time map. The time when Dr. Chang would appear at the Orchid. What exact moment the Incident would take place. It's a source of information to Faraday, in his own handwriting, about events that haven't physically happened to him yet.

3) Over the next few years, after Daniel's experiments at Oxford, he begins to loose his memories. At the same time, his girlfriend slips in and out of a coma like state and periodically says things about having just been talking with her dead father. Both of them are in fact sliding through their pasts and seeing flashes of the future in a similar fashion to Desmond. Faraday, being who he is, is able to handle the situation better than his girlfriend and is able to make notations in his journal about his experiences. However, as frequent as these events happen, Daniel is unable to keep orientated in time. He's in the present, in his living room. He's in his past, at the piano. He see's flashes of a well. The living room. He's at Oxford meeting his girlfriend for the first time. A rope. A missile that arrives 31 minutes late. The living room. The time he fell off his bike. A submarine. A red head. A large man with curly hair. He tries to stop himself from experimenting on the girl. Richard. A bomb. Pierre Chang will show up at 2:39 p.m. The living room. Why am I crying while watching the TV? His mind can't put it all together and slowly becomes Swiss cheesed. From slide to flash, he can only remember enough to make short notations before it all slips away.

4) After a few decades of raising, teach, molding, and looking after Faraday, both Eloise and Widmore take the final steps to push Faraday into going to the Island and fulfilling his Destiny, which is to show up, accomplish absolutely nothing, come walking out of the woods, and get shot and killed. ??? What?

4a) Faraday arrives on the Island. He begins doing simply memory tests with a deck of cards. Remembering the numbers and suits of two out of three cards is actually an improvement. He is slowly being healed. His memories are no longer fading away, yet, everything he'd experienced through his previous past slides and future flashes are all still only available to him through his strange, vague, Swiss cheesed brain, notes.

4b) Between the Time Traveling flashes, Faraday admits his love for Charlotte.

4c) Between later flashes, Charlotte dies.

4d) Faraday takes the DI submarine and goes to Ann Arbor.

4e) When he sees Jack, Kate, and Hurley in the DI new trainee photo, he comes rushing back to the Island with a plan to wipe out the events that led to the crash of flight 815 and the arrival of Widmore's freighter. Blowing up a hydrogen bomb will kill everyone on the Island. Faraday wants Dr. Chang to evacuate the Island's inhabitants. If Faraday succeeds, he and every other flight 815/freighter passenger remaining on the Island would cease existing on the Island and magically return to their lives, landing in L.A. or never getting on the freighter. In essence, Charlotte would have never come back to the Island and died because of the flashes. Of course, if she never came to the Island, neither did Daniel, and, if he never came to the Island, then he never blew up a hydrogen bomb and never stopped flight 815 and the freighter from coming to the Island. Daniel should know better.

4f) Faraday goes to the Others and gets shot and killed(?) by Eloise.

Even if Faraday does die later on in the story, I doubt that Eloise would have forced the events of his life to unfold this way if he was just going to die without accomplishing a thing. Yes, she mentions that she's sacrificing her son, but, does that mean that the moment of his being shot is the sacrifice? Could he live on, do something, and then die as a result of being on the Island? Could it be that, after realizing that his mother always knew that she'd shoot him, Faraday moves on in life, never returning to her time frame, or simply hating her for deceiving and using him? If the latter, Eloise would have lost her son.

If 4e isn't enough to explain why Faraday can't be successful in his attempt to save Charlotte, then try this. After getting to the Others, there is probably around 3 hours until the Incident. In the last 3 episodes of Season five, 3 hours will go by. If Faraday did succeed in wiping out the events that led to flight 815 crashing, he'd do it this season. The plane would land in L.A. Faraday would be in his living room, drooling on himself in front of the TV. Kate would be taken to jail. Walt would still be with Michael. Juliet would never have accepted the job in Portland. And, more importantly, the confirmed Season 6 of Lost would not ever come into existence.

Would that be the surprise ending of Season 5? That, haha, the big twist is that it's all over? Would you be satisfied with that?

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