• Andypro77

    One of the recurring themes in LOST was the faith vs. science debate. This has bled over to many blogs on this site, and unfortunately people still try to see the show through this prism and try to stake out their territory on this issue.

    As we had into the finale, and all the post-finale jibber-jabber, when it comes to faith vs. science debate I say: Don't bother. The reason I say don't bother is that 95% of what most people see as science in our society isn't really science; and 95% of what most people see as faith in our society isn't really faith.

    True science is deductive, meaning that it takes into account ALL the available information and then makes deductive, rational theories based on that information. The majority of science today …

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  • Andypro77

    Even though it would appear that Jin died in the sub, and I'll admit we're all pretty sure he's dead, according to the rules of the show and according to what we've seen and know, Jin MUST be alive. Here's why:

    First of all, Jacob said to Kate that he crossed her name out because she became a mother. Even though Jacob also said she could still be the candidate, that didn't stop him from crossing here off the list.

    Hence, we must therefore assume that Sun's name, (had she been a candidate), would have also been crossed off. But, since the Kwon name WASN'T crossed off, we MUST assume that the Kwon who was a candidate was Jin.

    Now, technically, (according to Flocke's plan), Sun was killed by Sawyer on the sub. But Jin was NOT killed by Sawyer, b…

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