So we know that the Others have a truce with the DI. It involves a ceasefire and an apparent border. My question is... why? The Others have a bad ass "security system" at their disposal (to what extent it actually "listens" is yet to be shown,) but clearly it can at least be pointed in the right direction. They have Richard who apparently defies time itself. Also, let's not forget that they have shown on at least three occasions they can simply wipe out whoever they want if they so choose even when heavily underarmed compared to their enemies. US Army in the 50s, DI in the 90s, and the freighter mercenaries in present time. They even have the ability to move the island itself! So why then, do they allow the DI to exist for as long as they did? Clearly at some point before the Purge the Others saw some use for the DHARMA folks. So what do you guys think is the reason? My guess is that it has something to with pregnancy. My theory here is that the Others have never been able to have children, but everyone else can just fine. Clarie had Aaron post-purge/incident and Amy had Ethan pre-purge/incident... something about becoming an Other makes child birth impossible. Perhaps one of the DI's many fields of study on the island was to help the Others with this problem. The Others allowed the DI to live on the island as long as they A. Not cross certain lines. B. Not kill/attempt to kill any Others. C. Make an attempt at solving the Others pregnancy problems. My guess would be that after 20 years or so of DHARMA making no headway with the problems, as well as multiple close calls involving the breaking of the truce, one final straw broke the camel's back so speak (The Swan? The Orchid? We'll see soon I'm sure.) The Others finally had enough and decided that the DI had run it's course on the Island.

Thoughts? Theories? Suggestions?

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