Obviously this list can and will evolve as the show goes on, but I'm just curious as to people's favorite episodes so far. For me, at the moment it goes as follows;

5. Season 3: Tricia Tanaka is Dead. I included this on my list, not because it offered a whole lot of answers, or even asked many questions. It was just an all around, great, feel good episode. The orchestral version of Shambala at the end just made it all the better.

4. Season 2: Live Together Die Alone. Season 2 finale, what's not to love. We learned a bit more about where the Swan came from, it answered some questions (in that fun Lost way that answers a question with 100 more questions,) and to this day we are still a bit clueless as to what happened here. We have evidence and theories... but no concrete proof as to what the hell the Swan is and why it imploded.

3. Season 1: Deus Ex Machina. We all love Locke with a passion, this episode is why, period.

2. Season 3: Through the Looking Glass. We all knew it was coming, but I'm not sure there's a single Lost fan who didn't get a a little teary eyed when Charlie died... oh and let's not forget the fact that our jaws were on the floor for the entire 7-8 month hiatus once we saw Kate and Jack off the island.

1. Season 3: The Cost of Living. WHY DID YOU KILL EKO, SMOKIE!?!? WHY???? Ahem. I just love Eko, every line he's ever spoken is just amazing. They could make an entire spin off of just Eko with his short, blunt, amazing one-two line statements and I'd watch it. I really hope they find a way for Eko to make at least one more appearance before the end.

Well, there you are. My (thus far) 5 favorite episodes. Yes, I noticed that all of those are from Season 3 or earlier... but that's only because season 4 never grabbed me the way 1-3 did, and the way 5 is doing right now. Not to say season 4 was bad in the least. I haven't had time to let Season 5 sink in yet, when 5 concludes, I'm sure at least one episode from it will be included in this list. I'd like to see what other people think of this list, and what you'd change.

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