My title probably sums up how I feel about this big ol' ending. It's sort of like a lot of good books out there; no one knows how to end a story. And it's not really that the story ends, the storytellers just close up. It was all done very well and I was very very interested throughout, I even shed a couple of tears there at the end, but now that its really set in after a couple of hours, what the hell? Yeah, everyone dies. Duh. With or without that ending I would have no doubt that all of our survivors would've eventually died. And what do you know, they all go to heaven, or something, but THAT HAS NEVER BEEN WHAT THE SHOW WAS ABOUT. This wasn't some exploration into what real-world events echo in the afterlife or any of that shit. It's like the whole point of the show was that these people were actually better because of their time on the island despite their hardships. Duh #2. That became pretty obvious pretty quick, and Jacob laid it out bluntly in What They Died For.

Man, I am pissed. First of all, the FST thing was nonsense. If a bunch of people were all dead and in heaven or whatever it was, why do they need to construct some reality so they can all bump into each other so they can be happy? If there's some power or level of existence that allows for that, why can't it allow for that realization instantaneously rather than that weird mangled story we've watched all season? The whole FST was just some crap for us to think about. It didn't really mean anything, it answered absolutely nothing, and in some ways it raised more questions such as how did Eloise know anything about it? For that matter, how did Desmond know anything about it? He was all about some time traveling consciousness or whatever, but how did he figure out he was dead? And there's no mention of Micheal, Walt, Eko, etc.? Judging by the "some died looong after you" comment from Christian, I take that to mean that Hurley and probably Ben lived on for quite a while on the island, at the very least a significant amount of time longer than the human lifespan, and in all this time IN A PLACE WHERE TIME DON'T MATTER Michael, Walt, Eko, et. al. haven't properly atoned or whatever? Furthermore, Desmond says something about Ana Lucia not being "ready yet" and Ben wants to work through some things, but why would this matter if THERE IS NO NOW in the FST thingy? If time is irrelevant or nonexistent, why doesn't this whole church thing happen after Ben has done what he's needed, or when Ana Lucia is "ready?" Obviously time does play a role for certain characters. This obviously isn't a question I believe there is any kind of answer to it, it's just another fancy concept the writers tried to play with without covering their bases or making anything meaningful or coherent out of it. Time travel was bad enough but now we have to play with spiritual constructs in a world that exists after our exit from this one? Quite simply the ending had absolutely no relevance to the rest of the show. It makes me sick.

Not to mention all the stuff I actually did care about, which is just completely disregarded because "at some point in time all these human beings died!!!!!" AGH! We've got a bajillion jumbled up things that NEVER came together! The ENTIRE show led up to understanding what everyone's roles were in Jacob/MIB's game and that was never explained! What were the damn rules? Why did Jacob make these rules? What in the world was the connection between everything? Some dude wanted to leave. He turned into a pillar of smoke because of some light and he killed people. Some of Jacob's rules prevented him from doing some things, but not other things, and he never made a rule that kept himself from being killed. It doesn't make any sense AT ALL. Even if we distill it all down to "protecting the light" WHAT THE HELL IS THE LIGHT? What does that light have to do with ANYTHING except a smoke monster and time travel and sinking an island???? Nothing connects! At all! The more I think and the more I type, the more it seems to me that all these interesting things were thrown into the story to move it in a different direction, but there is no WHY. There is absolutely no why to ANYTHING. About the best we got is Jacob wanted people to be good, and he had all these rules, but a monster could still kill everyone (sortta) evoke terror and fear and distrust into all these confused and traumatized people that Jacob wanted to be "good." I get that at the end of this all we're supposed to see that perhaps Jacob wasn't some sort of crusader of light. He was one person with his own individual ideas and certainly not infallible. All that I can digest, to a degree anyway. What pisses me off is that is what the show ultimately moved closer and closer to and there is no answer!

We still don't know ANYTHING except that the people on 815 cared about each other, eventually.

What was that light?

Who was the mother?

What was her story? (Although it wouldn't matter. We meet Danielle in S1 and she knows nothing. We meet Desmond in S2 and he knows nothing. We get Ben in S3 and he knows nothing. We get Widmore in S4 and never have any clue what he does and doesn't know. We get DHARMA in S5 and they know nothing. We get Richard and Jacob and MIB in S6 and they know nothing.)

What the hell is the monster?

Ok, so the whispers are from people that can't move on, but WHY?

Richard watched them all die, eh?

Fertility. Need I say more?


We never get a cohesive picture of anything, at all. And here I was with a half frown all season giving up on things like Walt and Radzinsky and the Blast Door Map, and man I get a light and a crazy woman and not so much as a word about all the ancient crap on the island, or the rules, or any freakin' understanding of the Others, or what the hell time travel had to do with anything whatsoever, Ben's "loss of innocence" with the pool when he was young, and so on and so on.

A show can leave things up to conjecture to an extent, and I suppose I could be satisfied enough if we at least had some kind of outline. But we get NOTHING. That really sucks. Even stripping away Jacob/MIB/game, we still have that stupid light, which makes absolutely no sense. There is no purpose for so many of the things that we have been told other than for their own sake. Everything we've seen barring the FST and the last few minutes has all revolved around a stupid light in a pool underground with a big stone plug!!!! WTF!!! Mostly I am in shock. After seeing how the 6th season was going, I was a little prepared for there to be a few holes. I didn't like that realization, but I was prepared for it. I didn't expect to be totally mindf***ed. God, I mean really, this is garbage. None of the big stuff that we have followed and thought about and devoted time and anticipation and thought to has any relevance. So what if Jack et. al didn't "win"? So what if 316 didn't take off? Who cares about who protects the island? Everyone is dead either way at some point or another, we know that. It just really pisses me off that we're confronted with all this sci-fi stuff throughout the show only to have some "look how much these guys loved each other" moment at the end. That's just a silly cop-out to me. I've turned a lot people on to this show, and I always tell them "don't miss a second of it" or "even if you have to pee, just pause it" or "try to remember things as best you can" and now there's no point to any of it!

Remember those truly great moments? Like the Hatch? The four-toed statue? Widmore's ominous emergence as the "big bad?" "Henry Gale's" "got milk" speech? Jacob and MIB on the beach? Naomi parachuting in? Well, forget them because they don't matter. Instead of this fantastic story with this web of secrets, instead of LOST being a show I couldn't describe, it's now very simple. "A bunch of miserable people crashed on an island. Some bad stuff happened, some people died, but there were a few good times. Then they all died, within a few decades or perhaps centuries of each other, and met up in the afterlife." That's the show. That's what LOST is. You can tell someone about Widmore, but it doesn't matter. You can even try to explain that these supernaturally-infused humans are playing an elaborate real-life chess game, but that doesn't really matter either. You can even tell people that there's a third of a season where some but not all of the characters skip around through time and some people die and there's a big frozen wheel, but even that has absolutely no bearing on the ending.

I know this will get lost in a sea of others' reflections on the end of an era here, but so be it. I will love reading this after it's all on DVD and I've watched it again and whatnot. Not that I think my feelings will change too much, but I do want a record of this maddening disappointment. I am just really, really mad that most of what has happened in the show has been a red herring. Any idiot can throw a bunch of weird disjointed things together. The entire art of this show is, unfortunately, lost in an absolutely abysmal, unsatisfying ending.

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