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February 17, 2010
  • And complicated

    My title probably sums up how I feel about this big ol' ending. It's sort of like a lot of good books out there; no one knows how to end a story. And it's not really that the story ends, the storytellers just close up. It was all done very well and I was very very interested throughout, I even shed a couple of tears there at the end, but now that its really set in after a couple of hours, what the hell? Yeah, everyone dies. Duh. With or without that ending I would have no doubt that all of our survivors would've eventually died. And what do you know, they all go to heaven, or something, but THAT HAS NEVER BEEN WHAT THE SHOW WAS ABOUT. This wasn't some exploration into what real-world events echo in the afterlife or any of that shit…

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  • And complicated

    I've spent a lot of time trying to write drafts for a theory, and while I love Lost I'm not expert with the Wiki stuff, and pretty soon it won't matter what I think so I figured I'd lay out some thoughts I have about everything that is going on.

    I believe that the MIB is a genie, or I suppose more correctly a djinn, and Jacob was his master. I first read the idea here on there on the site, and ever since then have thought about it when watching Lost. The master/slave relationship is explained by this, as is much of the strange yet strangely limited power that floats around. Similarly, a set of "rules" would govern a master/djinn relationship, though obviously the "rules" aren't particularly clear at this point. Much of what we know abou…

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