Well, i'm not french, i just like how much more classy Deux sounds. In any case. I've noticed that quite a lot of people didn't like season two that much. Bit i strongly disagree that it was the worst season. It set up the dharam people, introduced us the Desmond and it was just an all round great season. The finale was killer as well, i mean, the hatch imploding, A desmond Centric Episode, the statue's first appearence, the reason 815 crashed, locke admitting he was wrong & our first off island moment that wasn't a flash back? This season had everthing to offer as far as mythology goes and as far as character development goes.

So please people this season my not measure up to the shining season five, but i think that it beat the lack luster season 3 and was just a tad better than season four. and season one? no comment

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