• Amyshmamy

    There are a few odd things about Ellie and Daniel's timeline In "The Variable" that i found really interesting. we see Ellie pregnant in 1977 (at 40 years old), then mother to 10 year old Daniel (presumably at 50), then switched to a new, much older actress at his graduation from Oxford around 1994. If it all happens in a straight line then Daniel is only around 16 at this graduation, Ellie (at 56) has aged more in the 6 years since the piano scene than she did in the 10 years prior, and Theresa would be a grown woman dating a teenager.

    The only way around this is if Daniel was born prior to 1977. A birth in 1974 or earlier would make him at least 20 at the graduation. A similar line of reasoning can be applied to Penny, who met Desmond in …

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