• Amber1713

    Oh dear.

    In the past few weeks, the number of theories being thrown around regarding Egyptians has reached critical mass. With some reason, I might add:

    • Egyptian heiroglyphs, present since Season 2, have seen a revival with their appearance in the Temple Underchamber.
    • The four toed statue has been revealed as Anubis, and Ankhs have popped up in several places.
    • Alpert wears eyeliner! The only people who do that are ladies... OR EGYPTIANS! dun dun DUN.

    That having been said, the frenzy of theories all this info has released has been a bit overwhelming. Yes, Egyptian mythology plays an important part in the LOST-iverse. But there are theories for how almost anyone who ever appeared on the show must represent an Egyptian god; theories that the episode …

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