I've read many comments complaining that the destruction of the statue was silly and unrealistic. I find that it makes perfect sense:

The Weight of the Water Alone Destroyed the Statue

The statue is estimated to be up to 250 feet tall[1]. As the wave swells, we see the Black Rock's prow moving directly toward the statue's head, so we can safely say that the wave reaches about 250 feet in height.

In one proposed method of measuring tsunamis -- the Tsunami Intensity Scale -- a wave over 32 meters (105 feet) is a level 7 "Completely Devastating" wave in which "practically all masonry buildings demolished. Most reinforced-concrete buildings suffer from at least damage grade 3."[2]

Additionally, on the ocean's surface, salt water weighs about 1020 kilograms per cubic meter, or 64 pounds per cubic foot[3]. We know the wave's height; if we can approximate its width, we can also approximate how many hundreds of thousands of pounds of water hit the statue.

Let's not forget that the statue was built on a beach -- standing upon loose sand particles that are ever changing with the tide, and facing wind and salt spray. If the statue was indeed built sometime within the span of the Egyptian empire, it has spent millennia facing these erosive forces and its structural integrity cannot be expected to be perfect. It's not very surprising, then, that a wave of this magnitude would topple it.

I think that perhaps we're all looking for the most convoluted explanation at this point in the game. When an explanation is this utterly simple, I can understand why people had such a knee jerk reaction against it, but isn't the simplest explanation the most likely one? And who upon seeing the Black Rock mid-jungle for the first time, who didn't think of the words tsunami or tidal wave at some point?

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