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    A note on aphasia

    March 31, 2010 by Amandakay1

    I would also have trouble believing in Sun's aphasia if I had not suffered from it myself in the past.

    A side effect of severe migraines I used to suffer from was aphasia. When someone would ask me a question, I would feel like I was talking, but the words were only in my head. There was some kind of disconnect between the part of my brain the formed the words and the part that made me actually say them.

    If I tried very hard and spoke very slowly, I could usually get a few halting words out, while in my head I was fully cognizant of what was being said to me and composing coherent and effortless sentences.

    Sun is also not the first character on Lost to suffer from aphasia.

    In season 3 after the explosion (implosion? whatever) of the Swan Station, …

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    I've read many comments complaining that the destruction of the statue was silly and unrealistic. I find that it makes perfect sense:

    The statue is estimated to be up to 250 feet tall[1]. As the wave swells, we see the Black Rock's prow moving directly toward the statue's head, so we can safely say that the wave reaches about 250 feet in height.

    In one proposed method of measuring tsunamis -- the Tsunami Intensity Scale -- a wave over 32 meters (105 feet) is a level 7 "Completely Devastating" wave in which "practically all masonry buildings demolished. Most reinforced-concrete buildings suffer from at least damage grade 3."[2]

    Additionally, on the ocean's surface, salt water weighs about 1020 kilograms per cubic meter, or 64 pounds per cubic …

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    The characters all seem much happier -- or at least better equipped to deal with their emotional baggage, which in turn brings them happiness -- in the LA X timeline.

    Their circumstances aren't so very different -- Jack is still divorced, Locke is still disabled -- but their attitudes -- their ability to accept something, learn from it, and move on -- are vastly better than those of their angst-ridden island alter-egos.

    • Jack is able to be the father he wants to be instead of turning into a replica of distant, demanding Christian.
    • Locke is engaged, seemingly has a good relationship with his father, has found a job that doesn't demean him, and even seems to have begun accepting that there are some things he can't do.
    • Hurley is the "luckiest guy i…

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    After watching the opening and closing scenes of The Incident, I assumed that we were watching two super-human men -- Jacob and the Man in Black -- who were equal and opposite.

    However, after watching LA X, my opinion has shifted.

    Because we now have confirmation that the Man in Black and the Smoke Monster are one and the same, and that he/it is capable of (very convincingly) impersonating the dead, it's entirely possible that the Man in Black was just another dead man whom the Smoke Monster was impersonating.

    A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square: the Smoke Monster is the Man in Black, but the Man in Black is not the Smoke Monster

    I think this would have a lot of implications -- Is the smoke his true form? Where is "home" f…

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    • The only slim reasoning for Daniel living is this: he is the sole sufferer of memory loss as an effect of temporal displacement. Everyone else suffering from temporal displacement sees their consciousness flit between different times in their life. His memory loss, therefore, is possibly a result of something else:
    1. The only other significant mention of memory loss has come from Richard as he agreed to take Ben, i.e. “He will remember none of this.” If Daniel, mortally wounded but not yet dead, is quickly taken to the Temple, what exactly would he forget?
    2. Implied memory loss occurred after the Discharge. After the whole sky turns purple, Charlie casually plays with Aaron and tells Claire that “nothing happened” when she questions him. His tone ne…
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