Ok I know this time travel thing is confusing everyone. But if Sun got off the island and Sun thinks Jin was supposively killed on the ship. Then later we find out Jin is alive and still on the island and Sun has had her baby, etc., and goes back to the island afterwards. Then why on the one past episode, last season(don't know episodes name), did it show Sun in the hospital having her baby and Jin finding out about it and going to buy the giant stuffed animal (Panda I think) for her and having it delivered to her room. He has it delivered because her father would not allow him to be there and once she sees the animal she knows it is from Jin, etc. etc. Anyway how does that fit in IF Jin was never killed and still on the island. How was he around to buy the stuffed animal in the first place and doesn't Sun think he is dead. How would she get the animal if Jin never got off the island. Is this a way to show us that Jin traveled in time too? And if Sun thought Jin was dead, how does she know the stuffed animal is from Jin? The show just kindof left it here and never mentions it again. Why?

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