So I've been a little bored so I decided to do another one of these questions things. So what is your favorite quote and why?

Quote: "We've been waiting for ya." Although my favorite quote was definitely "I've done everything you wanted me to do..." after watching the last 5 minutes of The End 10 times, I realized that this quote is so meaningful.

1. It's comical in a way (which is why Jack laughs) because for the first time in the show (pretty much) Jack is the last to do something. All of his friends had their realization moments and they were all waiting for him to get his so they can move on. For once, Jack isn't the first to do something or take he initiative for the group. Now that Jack has finally had his realization, they can all finally move on.

2. The obvious reason - It's the last line of the series. The final 5 words of Lost. Definitely an extremely memorable quote in the series. It is truly the end after this quote.

3. (A very important way I don't think anyone has said yet.) In Exodus, after Jack says he doesn't believe in destiny, Locke says "yes you just don't know it yet. I think that is what the producers meant by this quote. By "Waiting for you" Locke means Jack's transformation from man of science to man of faith has taken 6 years and Locke was waiting for him to finally realize he believes in fate and destiny. Now, Jack knows he believes, which is what Locke has been waiting for.

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