Well, for the first 20 minutes the episode were alright. I thought the scene of Seamus being slammed against the cages was cool. Once Locke got to the plane and killed those two guards, the episode began to get amazing. When they got to the dock and Jack hit Locke, the awesomeness hell broke loose. When Kate got shot, my jaw dropped. After they all got in a sighed but when Sayid yelled for Claire, I thought he as gonna get shot because he was an open target and I was screaming for him to run. I laughed at the moment when one of Widmore's men was running to kill Locke and Locke just turned and shot him. MIB's badass. The scene between Jack and Sawyer was intense. The two finally clash but Sawyer acts first. But Jack is right and the timer continues. When the timer of the bomb ticked down fast, I knew someone was about to sacrifice themselves. And who else but the man who needed redemption. The man who tortured many, many people. He killed many people and was so called "evil". But, before his last moments, he got his redemption and saved everyone's lives. Or did he? After the explosion, Frank gets nailed with a door, and Sun gets trapped. Hurley and Kate exit and Jack saves Sawyer. Jin and Jack share a touching moment (Odd, because we rarely see these two converse. Not that I'm complaining because I loved the scene, it was just strange.) Sun and Jin share their final goodbyes and THANK GOD they speak in Korean in the end (or at least Jin does.) Their most emotional scenes are done in Korean and this one by miles and miles tops any other Sun\Jin moment (obviously). So the sub sinks and the couple that have fought, made up, and loved and we have grown to love over 6 years die. (Does this beat Charlie for the saddest death? No, but that is just my opinion. I'm sure many, many others will disagree.) So the four main characters of the show regroup on the shore. They learn of Sun and Jin's death and we get a sad-nah-depressing scene of Hurley and Kate crying. Jack goes to the water to cry alone. (And, like me, I'm sure everyone cried as well.)

Please, please tell me I'm not the only person who thought he was going to scream out "I've done everything you wanted me to do, so WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!?" I was hoping he would say that just to reference a incredibly emotional scene in Season 1.

Locke tells Claire that not everyone is dead and he has to go finish. I swear MIB if you touch any other the four!!

This was, by far, the best episode of the season. I said that about The Last Recruit but I fully change my mind. This episode words can describe it but I'll try. Intense, epic, blood pumping, sad, depressing, amazing, awesome, just all around perfect. It was the best episode this season and maybe top 10 best ever. Btw, I don't think Frank is not dead. As I've said before, he could have easily gotten up and swam out before it sunk. he was right next to the exit. But that's just my thoughts. He most likely is dead because he's minor and they don't need him anymore.

Also, when the hell are Ben, Miles, and Richard coming back???

So - Your thoughts?

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