"I watched them all die." I feel like now's the time to start discussing this again because this is the ONLY thing about Lost that has ever bugged me this much and I don't think it will be answered. Think about this...Every theory I've read about what happened to the Losites in 77 are about how "Their bodies dissapeared, they died in 77 etc." Richard says he phyically saw them die. As we know, Richard was no where near the construction site during the Incident. How could he have sen them die if he was all the way over at the Other's camp? So no matter what happened to the bodies of the Losites when they were transported back to 2007, how did Richard watch them die? Is it possible after The Incident, the Losites stayed there and they somehow were killed later on with Richard there? This quote makes no sense and I'm sadly thinking it won't be answered. If you think about it, The FST and OT could make sense if this comment he made wasn't there because the fact that he wasn't at the swan site throws off every theory that their bodies dissappeared etc. Seriously this comment annoys me so much.

So - Thoughts?

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