Let's all just take 5 minutes for a moment to remember Lost. Septermber 22, 2004 - we all became Lost. Oh, the memories. Some moments were good, others were...not so good. But, though it all, everyone of us can say - Lost is...well no one word can describe the show, really. From Nikki and Paulo to Jack and Kate, The Monster to DHARMA, the Oceanic 6 to the FST, this show has had some crazy things. Let's look back on the good. First, The love. Desmond and Penny's phone call in the Constant, Sawyer and Kate in the cages, Sun and Jin's death, Claire's reaction to Charlie's death, and of course the unforgettable, Kate sewing up Jack on day 1 are just some examples of how love is a huge part of Lost. Many viewers' favorite reason for loving the show is the romance of it. In the finale, will kate choose once and for all? Will Desmond reunite with Penny again? How will the lovers end? Will they all live happily ever after? Next comes the action. The beachcamp battle, the war, the temple massacre, and the swan site shoot out. There have been many action and shootout scenes in lost. Part of the show is the suspense and adrenaline you get from watching to fights. And of course, the one on ones between Jack and Sawyer, Sawyer and Sayid, and Locke and Jack have made the show full of conflict. On this island, there is never any full peace between the surviviors. There will always be the amazing fights scenes and the conflict. In the finale, will Jack and Locke finally come head to head? Now, let's focus on a big part of the show, the mystery. The Monster, polar bears, the distress call, The Others, the hatch, DHARMA, the tailies, the supply drop, the wheel, time travel, The outrigger chase, and the FST. Lost could be definied with one word. "Mind F***." Hurley and Miles discussing time travel made you say "Wait...hold on, what?" over and over no matter how many times you watched it. The show has mysterious things that may never get answred and things that will confuse the smartest of people. But, that's what makes Lost, Lost. If they answered every question, the show would be less fun to watch over and over. It would lose its feel, so to speak. The show wouldn't be a show about an "island filled with mystery at every turn", it would be "an island where strange things happened this way.". Mystery is what makes the show so popular. Lost took the chances of craziness no other show ever dared to. It took the strangeness to the next level. Jack and Kate in the future was a reveal that changed the show and the amount of craziness of television forever. In the finale, what questions will be answered? We then move on to the acting. The actors of the show are what make it so rewatchable. We can laways enjoy every emotional, funny, sad, or epic scene over and over because of the greatness of the actors. This is a great ensemble of people and the show was made great because of these actors and actressess. They made the show so amazing. Fianlly, we come to the themes of the show. The whole aspect about, good vs. evil, light vs. dark, Jacob vs, Man in Black, and Jack vs. Locke are another reason the show is so great. The themes really show that this show is more than just a mysterious island, but a place filled with a concept of not everyone is good, and not everyone is evil and there is both inside everyone. The show revovles around this theme and is what makes it so great.

Lost has changed television history. It has been a great 6 years and will NEVER be forgotten in years to come. Everything about it is amazing. Even the not so good episodes are still part of this show and all in all, this show is amazing. I was in third grade when I first watched and now that I'm graduatin 8th grade and moving onto high school, this show has pretty much been a huge part of my life. It's been 6 years that I wouldn't change for the world. Every episode shares with a memory I have in life and they walways make me happy, or sometimes sad, depending on the episode. But, I will always love this show as I'm sure all of you will. I will never forget it even when I'm 30 or 40. Lost is...the greatest show of all time. No question. 2 Hours left..."We're very close to The End."

6 Years ago...we became Lost. Tonight...we find ourselves.

L O S T Forever!!

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