Here's a little game we can play. Favorite quote, episode, (saddest) death, and moment by season.

1 - Q- "I've done everything you wanted me to do so why did you do this to me!?" E- Pilot D- Boone's M- Locke banging on the hatch door

2 - Q- "I'll see ya in another life, brotha" E- Lockdown D- Libby's M- When we see that that big room is what is actually inside the hatch.

3 - Q- "We have to go back!" E- Through The Looking Glass D- Charlie's M- Charlie's death

4 - Q- "We're gonna have to lie." E- There's No Place Like Home D- "Jins" M- The freighter exploding and Jack looking down on it while Sun screams.

5 - Q- "Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?" E- Follow The Leader D- Daniel M- Locke's body is revealed to be inside the crate.

6 - Q- "LOCKE!!" E- The End D- Jack's M- Jack's eye closes.

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