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    July 31, 2010 by Alsatian1234

    Well, I was looking at the "I have nothing to blog about" blog and I realized that we're all probably bored and just feel like even though it's already August, the epilouge is far away. So i created this so we can just randomly post anything about anything. It could be something that happened during your day, something you are mad about and want a place to vent, or something that you're going to be doing in the future. We could discuss movies, TV, books, or anything. Or just type random sentences for the hell of it. Or, obviously if there was something about Lost that you wanted to say put there's no real place to put it, just say it here. Basically, this is a blog we can all just have random fun on to keep this board alive.

    Does anyone el…

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    So I've been a little bored so I decided to do another one of these questions things. So what is your favorite quote and why?

    Quote: "We've been waiting for ya." Although my favorite quote was definitely "I've done everything you wanted me to do..." after watching the last 5 minutes of The End 10 times, I realized that this quote is so meaningful.

    1. It's comical in a way (which is why Jack laughs) because for the first time in the show (pretty much) Jack is the last to do something. All of his friends had their realization moments and they were all waiting for him to get his so they can move on. For once, Jack isn't the first to do something or take he initiative for the group. Now that Jack has finally had his realization, they can all fin…

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    June 12, 2010 by Alsatian1234

    So today is my birthday and I got a little kitten. I knew I wanted to name it after something from Lost. There was a black one but it was too fragile and young so I got a grey one. I named it "Smokey." I sometimes call it Man in Black and I'm telling it the whole story of Lost. Yeah, I'm a nerd. So, it made me wonder do any of you have any animals you named after people or things from Lost or am I they only weird one here who does that?

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    I don't remember if this was already created but, oh well.

    10. This Place is Death

    9. Special

    8. Some Like it Hoth

    7. Maternity Leave

    6. Across The Sea

    5. He's Our You

    4. Whatever Happened, Happened

    3. Abandoned

    2. ...And Found

    1. What Kate Does

    So, Lost is the greatest show in existence. There were amazing, speechless at the end, perfect, stunning episodes, but there but there were also some...horrible episodes. So what are the episode you think are bad and dirty up the great show that is Lost?

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    There's many games that ask your favorite cliffhanger, character, moment, quote etc. But I haven't seen one of your top 5 least favorite moments. Now, I love this series in words I can't describe so it's going to be hard for me (and I'm sure many other fans) to post your least favorite but I'll try. Honestly, I can't even think of them right now so I'll post later and I know it's stupid to post a blog you didn't even post your answer in but I can't think clearly of my picks so I'll elt you guys list your least favorites.

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