I'm sure this has been brought up before, but now that the show is almost over, I've been thinking about my favorite "wow" moments throughout the entire series. What have been the times that you had a "wow, that was really cool" reaction to events on the show? Mine have been:

-The moving trees and sounds from the jungle while the crash survivors were still on the beach after the crash

-The first visual of the Smoke Monster

-The discovery of the Hatch

-The first reveal of the interior of the Hatch

-When the Others appeared as primitives with torches in the jungle

-The first time we saw the Frozen Donkey Wheel

-When Flocke/MIB told Ben "I'm sorry you had to see me like that" after changing form from the Smoke Monster in the foot of the statue

-The first time we saw Jacob and MIB talking on the beach

-The story of how MIB and Jacob came to be enemies

I'm not asking if anyone agrees that these were the best "wow" moments, I'm saying that for me, they were, and I'm asking anyone else to share their personal best "wow" moments, so please keep any discussion focused on that.

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