There appear on the surface to be three camps in the MIB=Christian discussions, but discussion items that I'm reading on some pages seem to lead me to believe that there is a fourth camp that is being confused with one of the other camps.

The three prominent theories appear to be:

1. MIB is lying and was not ever Christian.

2. MIB is telling Jack the truth, and has appeared as Christian in every instance that we've seen him since Christian's death.

3. MIB is telling Jack the truth about appearing as Christian in White Rabbit, but at least at some other times, Christian's appearances were not MIB related.

The fourth idea that I'm picking up from some discussions is that there is a belief that Christian has always been MIB, even pre-island before Christian died. The discussions I've seen don't come out and say this directly, but use terminology that reads as if some think that Christian was MIB even as Jack was growing up as a child. This idea would present some problems with Christian being off-island with what we know about the MIB not being able to leave the island (unless you believe that MIB has split counterparts in different places and is not fully powerful until those parts are joined together off-island, or unless you believe he lied about not being able to leave the island, but even Jacob has referred to not allowing MIB to leave the island, so unless Jacob was also lying, we can assume that MIB really can't leave the island).

Anyway, I'm somewhere between 2 and 3, but I'm satisfied with what the show has revealed so far, but is there a serious belief that Christian was always MIB even before the 815 crash, or is this just something that I'm picking up from discussions that are maybe just poorly worded when people make statements such as "Christian has always been the MIB?"--Alienux|talk|contributions 17:03, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

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