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April 14, 2010
  • Alienux

    I thought there were some amazing things happening in this episode leading up to the end. I'm still taking in the very end. It's actually something I had thought about being a possibility, but thought to myself "that's surely not what it will end up being." Since I had kind of already dismissed that possibility of what the FST is, it's a little weird thinking about it being the real ending.

    Still, some of my favorite moments from the entire show happened tonight. Jack's line "it's a surprise" was one of my favorite moments, along with quite a few others. I really think the ending was fitting, and I think after a few days of thinking about it, it will all feel very right, but it will take a few days to ponder and take it all in.

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  • Alienux

    Both my wife and I missed that line. Sawyer asked Jack what he was going to do (the surprise) to MIB. Jack said something about "use as a weapon" but we missed what it was????

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  • Alienux

    Hurley's Lucidity

    May 19, 2010 by Alienux

    It just kind of happened really quickly, almost in passing, but I took it that Hurley is completely aware of everything. When he saw Anna Lucia as she was releasing Desmond, Sayid and kate, he said her name, and when she looked at him funny wondering how he knew her name, Hurley said something like, "She doesn't know yet" (I can't remember exactly what he said, so I'm paraphrasing).

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  • Alienux

    Edit: nevermind

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  • Alienux

    I'm sure this has been brought up before, but now that the show is almost over, I've been thinking about my favorite "wow" moments throughout the entire series. What have been the times that you had a "wow, that was really cool" reaction to events on the show? Mine have been:

    -The moving trees and sounds from the jungle while the crash survivors were still on the beach after the crash

    -The first visual of the Smoke Monster

    -The discovery of the Hatch

    -The first reveal of the interior of the Hatch

    -When the Others appeared as primitives with torches in the jungle

    -The first time we saw the Frozen Donkey Wheel

    -When Flocke/MIB told Ben "I'm sorry you had to see me like that" after changing form from the Smoke Monster in the foot of the statue

    -The f…

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