What are the main things MIB can do/has done? - He is the Monster

- He killed Jacob

- He can turn into people of past memories; turn into the dead

- He IS the Whispers?

Well, I'd like some answers. Is MIB the ruler/protector of the Island?

Is Richard Ra from Egyptian myths?thumb|348px|right|My explanation of Richard Alpert being Ra. In case you think it is weird. It makes sense, but I still don't believe it.

Does Locke have the ageless gene like the people in the video? If so, how?

Who gave it to him?

Was MIB in the pilot of lost(the Monster sucked in the guy?)?

thumb|300px|right|Watch closely and you will see it shooting out really fast out the top of the engine.


The Man in Black


The Smoke Monster itself.


The Famous Locke and Backgammon.

PLEASE!!! NEED ANSWERS OR RESPONSES!! Feedback appreciated :)--Aliciagutierrez13 03:12, February 7, 2010 (UTC)Aliciagutierrez13

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