• Aliciagutierrez13

    The NoseBleeds

    February 10, 2010 by Aliciagutierrez13

    I noticed Horrace Goodspeed gets a nosebleed when he confronts John Locke in a dream. Did he jump through time to tell him his message? I understand it was a dream and it seems impossible, but maybe, just maybe. (BTW: Nosebleeds happen when you jump through time and have had a long experience with the Island. Eventually you will die, but nosebleeds are the first symptom.)

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  • Aliciagutierrez13

    Sick name huh?

    --Aliciagutierrez13 18:32, February 7, 2010 (UTC)Aliciagutierrez13

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  • Aliciagutierrez13

    What are the main things MIB can do/has done? - He is the Monster

    - He killed Jacob

    - He can turn into people of past memories; turn into the dead

    - He IS the Whispers?

    Well, I'd like some answers. Is MIB the ruler/protector of the Island?

    Is Richard Ra from Egyptian myths?

    Does Locke have the ageless gene like the people in the video? If so, how?

    Who gave it to him?

    Was MIB in the pilot of lost(the Monster sucked in the guy?)?

    PLEASE!!! NEED ANSWERS OR RESPONSES!! Feedback appreciated :)--Aliciagutierrez13 03:12, February 7, 2010 (UTC)Aliciagutierrez13

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  • Aliciagutierrez13

    What is it?

    February 6, 2010 by Aliciagutierrez13

    This was from an article about the "Hurley Bird".

    According to the DVD subtitles, the bird's screeches say "Hurley" in both appearances.

    What is the significance of the bird? My theory is that because of the Egyptian themes in the show, this bird may be from mythology of those times. But why was it screeching Hurley? Is he special in some way? Did he have something to do with a bird in a past experience? or is it that the Bird has something to do with the Numbers? This is my question. It is unknown of its origin and it doesn't have many appearances.

    Please give my feedback. Much appreciated because I'm 13 and have many questions, as I'm not old enough to understand :) --Aliciagutierrez13 20:36, February 6, 2010 (UTC)Aliciagutierrez13

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  • Aliciagutierrez13

    I know there is a lot of talk about "splitting time into two", this isn't like that. I have a question that I've already answered myself, but as only a guess. Who is Whispering? I thought to believe it was the deceased on the Island, but if anyone has another theory, PLEASE SPEAK UP!!!! Not so sure if my theory is true or not. (No I did not study The Whispers yet.)

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