Ok, so I just got into Lost recently (this summer when I watched them all in about 2 weeks) so I've only seen the episodes once so it is very possible that I could have missed this answer. But... Did anyone ever wonder where all The Others come from? I mean I realize that Jacob seems to be causing people to come to the island (evident with The Black Rock) so some of The Others might come from there but is that it? I know that Jacob and MIB were discussing how it's always the same where people come to the island and end up killing each other, but is that how The Others started? Did one group not completely die off and from then on every time another group of people came to the island The Others fought them and took some of them? Did they just grow like that? I guess it makes sense that way, I just feel like sometimes when I'm watching or thinking about it that I think maybe The Others recruit like Dharma did, and they did with Juliet. I just think there might be something else there. Also (yes I know it's a long blog) when Charles Widmore is banned from the island is Eloise still there? When does she leave? And when does she have Daniel? On the island or off the island? Thoughts?

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