Ok, so here is my theory for what happened at the end of season 6, there are some holes in it but this is what i've got so far....Ok, so the white flash at the end of season 6 was not Juliet detonating the hydrogen bomb but was actually someone (I'm thinking possible Eloise and that's how she got off the island and gave birth to Daniel)turning the wheel. The hydrogen bomb never gets detonated and that's what the failsafe activates. I think that the failsafe key detonates the hydrogen bomb which implodes the hatch in case of the electromagnetic energy getting out. Of course, so far this theory doens't account for Richard saying he saw them die, but it could be that he saw them at the Swan and then saw all the metal and Juliet go into the hatch and then saw them disappear and that's what he thought was them dying. Thoughts?

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