Jacob: They're Coming


Ben: Who's Coming ? :-S

Locke: I don't know, but we're gonna find out (Pensive face)

(Exit Statue, and they find all of them dead, including Richard, Sun, Illana Lapidus, and Bram)


Locke: Good God, i had a feeling that they'd return one day :-(

Ben: What do you mean ?? who have returned ?!?!?!

Locke: Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, two beings roamed this island, killing everyone they saw. Many tried to stop them, but they were too strong and powerful to stop! And now they've returned to this island, to finish what they have started. Ben, we must get off this island! NOW

(Locke turns around to find Ben's throat cut, lying on the floor. Locke is now all alone. Suddenly he hears whispers all around him. He smiles, and turns around)

Locke: I knew you'd come back one day. So go on then, Finish me off.

(Then, the two beings come out and attack Locke, killing him instantly. The sun turns on the two creatures to reveal that they are Nikki and Paulo!)

So there you go, they DID have a purpose for Nikki and Paulo LOL

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