Okay, i know this gets dull... And i know there's no way to figure out the answer until watching,and i ALSO KNOW that this theory below is a largely far-fetched theory... but that aside, WHAT IF..........

Assuming that Flocky and smoky are different entities (which i REally hope they are..) i'm gonna go ahead and say that there are different rules betweeen the two...

So we know that dead people, usually don't come back to life, but their spirit lives on somewhat. I'm also going to say that smokey is more powerful than Black-man, (which i hope so too, as smokey is basically the big bad of the show, whereas flocke is cool, but not as mega as smokey..) We've also seen dead people come back in some ways... Ana lucia, Charlie, Boone. This means that dead people some how come back in some spirit form.

Let's also assume that overall, Jacob and Black-man are equal in power (mostly because they were equal in stature in the first scene of the finale). If we assume this, then Black-Man can ALSO leave the island, as much as Jacob can.

Let's ALSO assume (alot of assuming in this post, but just go with it lmao) that smokie can NOT leave the island (mostly cause we havn't seen him offland yet, if at all) this means that Smokie is only on the island, but Black-man CAN leave the island if he wants...

So here's my theory, when a person dies on the island, the smoke monster calls first dibs on the soul, as it's stronger than Black-dude, and B-D cannot do anything about this. However, when a person dies off the island, smokie cannot posess or use it in any way, as it cannot leave the island. However, Black-man can, which means that the only way he can posess, is to posess someone who died off-island (ie, Christian, Locke, yemi)However, he can only posess them when they are ON the island.

This means that B-D has to plan Locke's death OFF the island, in order for him to pose as locke. Meaning he had to get locke off the island (convincing him with Christian...)

Basically what i'm saying is that BD can only mimic people off the island, because the monster or the island takes other dead people first... Make sense ?

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