Quite a lot of people have probably done this already, or at least something similar... But i'm bored, and it seems to be a pretty popular concept, the whole relation thing... so here's the question. Looking back at every survivor/other/frieghtee, and thinking about their path along the way of the series, who would you prefer yourself to be, if you could live through exactly the things that that character had lived through ?? basically, what i'm trying to say is, Which character would you be ?????

And when i ask this, i don't want people to think too much on the whole death thing. Obviously that falls into it, but overall, i want to look on the action, the love and the happieness that a particular character has gone thrugh... does this make sense ?????

For example, i pick charlie... He was born in england (good start), he formed a band with his brother (very much like oasis, who are a good band), he DID get hooked on heroin, which is obviously a neg, but hey, it couldnt have all been bad... I mean, at least he was too high to know what the fuck was going on most the time right? Anyway, so he crashess on an island... nobody needs that, but what he didn't realise at first, was that this was a good thing! He gets off drugs, AND he meets pregnant babe: Emile de Ravin (VERY GOOD ;D ;D). After about three months of ups and downs, laughs and arguments, kisses and punch-ups, he realises that claire is some one he loves, VERY much. He finds out he HAS to die, which is irritating, but after a while, he soon realises that he doesnt care, cause he's doing something for the woman he loves, and he's okay with it! So even his death is happy, simply because of love... The End. Or is it ??? (Season 6 spoiler lol)

So there you go. I hope i made sense in everything i said above lol. Your turn

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