So. I've noticed alot of theories on lp about time travel are very strong, clever, and unique. So this page is basically here to string them all together, and to allow you to choose the one that you think sounds best. This maybe a bit of a complicated page, but hopefully it will make everyone see the most popular ideas.

1) Whatever Happened, Happened - (A) The Nuclear Bomb doesn't do anything. Time goes on just the way it did. (B) The survivors get put into 2007 just after jacob dies. (C) "They're Coming" are the survivors. Maybe the nuclear bomb explodes once they get moved to the present, causing the island to explode in 2007, rather than 1977.

2) (A) The survivors in the nuclear blast are taken (sub-conciously) to the airport, just before the plane takes off, only this time they remember everything, (much like desmond does) so they get a choice at what they want to do. (B) Maybe they get on the plane just like they were supposed to, because they realise they have to... (C) Or maybe they don't get on the plane, but "the universe course corrects itself," and they eventually crash on the island anyway.

3) Reset theory - (A) Everything changes, the plane lands, and they live their lives out, (B) until they find themselves back on the island, because they were "meant to go back". (C) only now, the island is different because it's got a huge nuclear explosion shaped crater in the middle lol.

4) The Nuclear Bomb blows up the island, which holds dire consequences for the rest of the world. Ruins it, creates a terrible timeline, etc. The characters live in a world which is terrible, and they find out that they have to sort everything out.

5) (A) The Nuclear energy, mixed with the electromagnetic energy, mixed with the time energy (leakage of the wheel's chamber) creates an alternative timeline, which co-exists with our familiar timeline. (B) In the alternate timeline the nuclear bomb goes off, blows up the island, and the plane never crashes, but there's obviously a twist... (C) these two timelines connect with each other somehow, and the characters from each timeline go to war

Vote for you're preffered theory by selecting one of the numbers, then, using the letters, select which parts of the theory you like, excluding the parts which you DONT like. For example, my favourite theory is 5, because it keeps it interesting, and makes the whole point of the last scene worth it, whilst at the same time, it keeps everything relevant from the first five seasons, including the stuff with dead locke and jacob at the statue. I do think that (C) is a bit far fetched, but it could explain a lot of questions to why they're so important, The War, and "they're coming" etc.

Anyways, soz for going on like an essay. Vote for your fave theoory :D

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