Yes, i know that it's a cheesy title, but it catches people's eye, or at the very least, it explains what this post is about.

So i know that there are a lot of theories for the answer to Lost. In fact, i know that "a lot" is generally an understatement, if it ever could be. But whatever way you look at it, all the theories fall under two categories, or possibly three. These categories are "fantasy" and "Sci-Fi", and maybe if you count it, "philosophical concepts"

The fantasy category contains theories like the smoke monster is the devil, Jacob and MIB are gods, and the characters have a destiny which make them all magical in some way. You get the idea... theories that couldn't be seen as true to reality.

Sci-Fi category is things like the island is a place with electromagnetic properties that allow time travel. The smoke monster was artificially created by Dharma, or the characters have a destiny because some invisible person is making them, due to them being from the future. Along the lines of that kind of thing. Theories, that could be explained with science, but maybe not necessarily real science (eg, time travel is to do with science, but it's not real, not proven to be real anyway)

And then philosophy is where it turns out that the island is heaven. Or maybe all the characters have been dead all along :O or the whole series is just one of Hurley's dreams.

So basically the point in this post is to ask you lot, which one you'd like to happen ? And i know there are some things that are OBVIOUSLY in the fantasy category, like the monster or the statue of a god, but maybe they're all just red herrings to a bigger answer. For example, "Donnie Darko" had a giant talking rabbit named Frank (Fantasy), but then at the end, that turned out to be explained with science, due to him forseeing the future or something like that lol

Personally, i would prefer it if they ultimately finished the series using scientific explanations. I really would prefer it if the smoke monster turns out to be some sort of genetic mutation of some sort, or something like that. However i would also like a touch of philosophy, so as to wrap the whole series up and make you look back at the rest of the series and think, WOW, it turns out they WERE DREAMING!!! lol.

Hope this blog wasn't too confusing. But the question is, are you a man of science, or are you a man of faith ? (i should shoot myself for putting that lol!)

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