My opinion is that most remaining, or at least important answers still to come in lost for the last season, will be explained using concepts or quotes or scenarios from the begginning of the show... right from the start. This REALLY makes sense, because the writers said season 6 will "Mirror" season 1. Also, when asked if they're just making it up as they go along, the writers usually say something like you'll see at the end, that we always had it planned out like this, right from the start. Additionally, the smoke monster was to be explained in the last episode, and it was introduced in the FIRST episode... Plus, if it were anyway, then it would be disappointing, for instance, if it turned out that everything was to do with the frighter, or the time travelling thing.. well that would be lame... That's basically all the evidence that i can think of lol

So basically this post is for everyone who agrees with me lol. put your comments down, giving quotes or concepts from the first few episodes, that you feel are basic clues to the ending of the series. I'll give an example or two... Locke's conversation with Walt about Backgammon and how old it is... clearly emphasises the importance of white and black, but could it also suggest more ? that the "rules" are somewhat based on a game of Backgammon ? Metaphorically speaking of course.

And Adam and Eve are an obvious example, one that we are yet to learn about, but yet are hugely symbolic to the mythology of the show... Plus, they are called adam and eve... That's gotta mean SOMETHING huge right ??? could it be Jack and Kate ?? Kate did say that she "Didn't want to end up like Eve.." Maybe she doesn't get a choice, ironically...

Does this post make sense ?? Anything from the first half of the season that gives a clue to the ending of the show.

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