Anyone else notice that the Smoke Monster might be scared of water ?? Hence the plughole in Horace's Basement (To drive it out of it's chamber)... The tunnels being flooded (so it can't go down there) Why the monster didn't attack Mr Eko when he was drinking from the river (granted this could have been because of him not being judged yet or something like that). Come to think about it, there are some scenes we have seen him in so far, including the pilot episode, where he leaves once the rain stops :-S ??? Don't get that part, but oh well, at least there's some connection there. Maybe the rain pisses it off, and it gets angry and wants to kill peeple ?? And another thing.. he's never seen around the beach... maybe that's cause he's scared of the ocean...

And this is my last point... maybe the whole point in the island.... maybe it's whole purpose... is to be a prison for the smoke monster ???

Go on, criticise.. you know you want to ;)

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