Someone else put a theory on lp, that i actually love ! Why didn't i think of it Before !!!

I'd first like to say it's not my theory. It's on the "Jacob's Nemesis Theories" page, and it's VERY interesting.....

did i mention how interesting this theory is ? I'm not sure if i have...

Well basically, Someone said that Jacob and Nemesis could be the ancient super-god equivalent to Jack and Sawyer !!! The reason why Jacob and Nemesis hates each other, is because there was a woman involved.. Much like kate.. Think about it, it works.. It brings emotion to the mysterious characters, which is needed in order to make their chacters less important (because if you ask me, by the end of the show, the survivors HAVE to be the most important).

It also symbolises possible future relationship between jack and sawyer.. seeing as juliet is also dead, Sawyer can be Jack's Nemesis !

What do people think, are you with me ??? A woman would be more original and unpredictable than things like leadership for the island, or to gain power of the smoke monster or to win a game or something like that... A woman brings more personal reasons into it, which are more interesting :)

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