LOST is filmed in front of a studio audience!

(JACK runs through the jungle, and reaches the survivor's camp)

JACK: Where is he ?!

KATE: Up there.

(She points to a branch at the top of a tree, where we see LOCKE hanging from a tree by his briefs)


LOCKE: Get me down from here! This Hurts!

JACK: quieten down Grandpa!


KATE: Jack

JACK: Yes Kate?

KATE: I love you.

(They share a kiss)


SAWYER: (Sighs) i just wish Juliet were here


JULIET: Did someone say my name?

(JULIET appears from the jungle)

HURLEY: Hey Everyone! It's Elizabeth Mitchell!


SAWYER: Juliet? I thought you were dead?

JULIET: Well after the bomb exploded i survived for some unexplained reason, and then i heard you were feeling lonely down at the beach, so i came to see you!

SAWYER: Awwww, I love you Juliet.

JULIET: I love you too

(They kiss)


JIN: Korean korean korean korean korean !!!

HURLEY: errr, What?


JACK: I think what he's trying to say is... everything is going to be ooooookayy!

(SMOKE MONSTER comes out of the jungle)


HURLEY: Oh boy! Here we go Again!

(They all laugh)


(Cheers Theme tune plays)


So there you go... it ALL works out okay for the Losties

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