So, lately its becoming increasingly apparent (big words, i'm trying to keep it formal lmao) that the plane might never crash... in addition, a lot of people on this site have wondered wether maybe the point in this is that the plane crashing was the best thing to happen to the survivors... is this true ??? lets look at what would happen if they landed, would their lives get better or worst? Jack and Claire - would have had christian's funeral.. Claire and Jack probably would have met, not knowing that they were on the same plane together, but probably would have figured out that christian was a dickhed, who had, not one, but TWOOO families... Plus, Jack would never have found out about his purpose, of his "destiny", meaning he'd probably feel worthless, especailly after the divorce and his dad.. he'd likely become an alchoholic... that would be bad Also, Claire would of had the baby, given it to adopt, and moved on... goood ??? nah, probably bad Kate - would have been arrested, and probzz jailed for life.. maybe she escaped ??? assuming that she doesn't escape, life would be bad... Sawyer - would never have found the real conman (sawyer) and would have wasted the rest of his life, trying to find the bastard.. this is obviouisly bad.. Charlie... wouldn't have been able to recover, probably would die due to this (but maybe not, seeing as he is coming back to the series...) but otherwise, assuming the worst, this is bad. Locke.. tired of how his life pans out... Helen leaving him, his dad being a dick, he being a criple... suicide ??? feels likely. This is bad... Sayid - Would have found nadia, got married, maybe a couple of little baby sayids... this is good Hurley - would have come back home... and, well, it's difficult to say for him :-s but the curse would remain, probably.. maybe the parents would be effected ? thee grandpa was.. bad... Micheal and Walt would have lived together... could be good ? but maybe the island brought them closer together. Maybe without their venture, they don't get that close, and so life sux... bad. Sun and Jin - without the island, Jin would still be a wanker, and life would suck for both of them. Bad Boone and Shannon. urmmm, i don't care about these two. but.... bad, probably Rose and Bernard - Rose, would have died of cancer. Bad Then there is the most important of all..... The island - If the bomb destroyed it, completely... then maybe it fucks up the rest of the planet ? alters the properties... starts killing people ??? alters time, electromagnetic thingyness...

Soz for going into so much detail... most of above is probably stating the obvious, let alone note-worthy.. tell me what you think.

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