This is basically a post to give what I believe is going to happen to all the main characters... Or at least what i would like to see from particular characters...

Jack... I would like to see Jack die at the end of the show.. Don't get me wrong! I do love him... But i think him dying would make his character a lot more interesting! Obviously he would have to die on the last episode, what with him being the main character and all... But still, i think out of all the outcomes, Jack should die... It feels right..I think that before the show ends, Jack will have to have at least one emotional confrontation with his Zombie dad. I also think he has to find out what the bomb did... because i'm pretty sure he wouldn't be able to forgive himself for the death of Juliet, unless he knew that what he had done had done something good... (Like Perhaps, the plane never crashing... Hundreds of lives never being Lost) plus, some people think he'll become Adam (From Adam and Eve) ... To be honest, i think i agree with them, he probably will become Adam. It feels too obvious, but at the same time, I can't help but think of another way they could sort out the Adam and Eve mystery. Then again i could be proven wrong..

Kate... Kate's character has changed in many ways since the start of the show. However, one thing she hasnt' changed is the fact that she is always with Jack. I think that whatever happens to Jack, will also happen to Kate, and understandably so... Ever since the show has started, Kate has always been paired with Jack, and the writer's know where they're going with this. I think that whatever happens in the last ep, they'll do it together... Whether that means dying, living, or getting rescued. And if they live or get rescued, they can have a nice white wedding, and everything will be dandy... Whatever happens to Jack, will happen to Kate, and they'll probably do it with love, and they'll also seal off the entire series with an emotional speech that probably won't be too far off from the speech Jack gives Rose at the end of Titanic lol!

Though on a different note, Some people think that she might end up a bit like Trinity from the Matrix... In case you don't know what i'm talking about, Neo and Trinity are about to reach their final destination, when they crash, into something, and Trinity gets spiked in the chest, a bit like how the Co pilot from the Ajira flight got spiked as the plane crash-landed on the runway lol.. Trinity dies in Neo's arms, and then Neo has to face the final fight alone... Anyway, what i'm trying to say is, maybe just before the final struggle (whatever that may be), Kate dies in Jack's arms, and Jack must go in alone... No ? Okay then, but whatever will happen, It'll involve Jack in some way.

James... Now he's an interesting one. I'm gonna bet that he'll die, but how he'll die? I honestly don't know... He'll either die a drunk avenging bastard, or he'll die a redeemed hero. One thing I love about his character after the last episode is that his character has been crafted so well! At the start of the show, they made him a prick.. then, gradually, he got a bit better.. until season 5 when suddenly he's one of the most lovable characters on the show! Unfortunately, due to Juliet dying, his character is most likely to change, for the worse.. Don't forget that he's spent his whole life being vengeful for lossed ones (Looking for Anthony Cooper for the whole of his life). Now that he's lost Juliet, he's gonna go straight back to his old self again... Only thing is, that this time he'll be pissed at Jack... He'll spend most of the series trying to kill Jack i think, and nothing will stop him, and the odds are that he'll lead himself to an early grave... But in the end, he's got two paths.. either he can die a hero, (which, if anything, will involve sacraficing himself for Kate), or he can die trying to vengefully kill Jack. Personally, i don't mind either way, either will be an amazing fini for the character! Also, i've got this theory that MIB (Flocke) is trying to manipulate a lot of the characters into the way they are... If Jack returns to the present which he probably will eventually, he probably won't be too fond of Locke's new personality, and they're probably gonna go head to head, much like they have throughout the rest of the series. This means that Locke will probably need a few people to help him defend against Jack, and what better than to have someone who wants to kill Jack; Sawyer !!! Am I making myself clear?

Anyways i think that'll do... Let me know what you hink of my predictions... If you don't like them, or are uninterested, please tell me, then i will know not to do another part lol!

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