Guys i found this theory today, on a lost fan site, and it's hugely interesting! And i'm not the only one who thinks so! It has a lot of evidence too! The only thing is, that after reading it, and reading some of the comments below, I realised one thing... The theory was posted in 2005 lol! Which means that at most, the theorist had watched up to Series 2, and judging by the fact that they basically talk of nothing BUT content in season 2, this is probably quite outdated.. However, I've watched all 5 seasons, and only read this today... And i must admit, it's still going fairly strong.. fairly..

Basically, I was wondering what you lot were thinking, because although it's very interesting, it might not still fit into the show anymore. All i'm asking is that, after five seasons, do you still think this theory would work ???

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