Okay, so i was watching the episode of Lost when Desmond and Locke lock Mr. Eko and charlie out of the room in the batch with the computer in order to see what happened when they dont press the numbers. when they don't the hatch starts freaking out and Mr. Eko gets knocked out. Then charlie is trying to help him and all this crap happens and they all end up somewhere in the jungle except Charlie..And when Charlie goes back to camp and everyone asks what happened he claims nothing. and then it shows Claire and charlie talking and she asks him what really happened and he says "honestly nothing." So what i want to know is why does he not tell anyone everything that John Locke did and how the hatch exploded after not pressing the numbers, knowing his character he would've been freaking out and telling everyone. And when he told Claire "nothing" she blindly accepted it and kissed him for the first time. So why? Am i missing something?--Alexisajluni 20:09, August 5, 2010 (UTC)Alexis

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