OK, I have a theory about the visions of the deceased on- and off-Island, and the apparent plot hole whereby MIB can't travel over water or leave the Island but he's somehow able to appear to Michael and Jack on the freighter or in St Sebastian's, respectively. If you think back to Season 1, when Jack first sees his 'father', he sees him standing on the beach and also slightly in the ocean. After looking away for a moment, Jack looks back to where he saw him and he has vanished. This to me contradicts the later appearances of MIB when impersonating John Locke, mainly because the fake Locke is basically the same as the real Locke. He can't vanish at will, he is solid and tangible, he must walk round. But the Christian (which MIB says was him) on the beach appears to be more ghostly, suddenly vanishing, like the Christian on the freighter or in the hospital, or the Charlie at Santa Rosa when he appears to Hugo. My theory is that although the very solid Christian who disperses the trees around him as he leads Jack to the Caves for the first time is indeed MIB, the ghostly visions seen by most of the Survivors at some point after the crash of 815, is the Island (or perhaps Jacob/MIB) influencing the mind of the viewer, via the 'light' present in all human beings. Perhaps the light existing in everyone, including the heart of the Island itself and of course Jacob and MIB, forms a link, allowing an apparently real vision to manifest itself. Whether it is the Island, Jacob or the Man in Black creating these images is unclear. Thanks for reading :) please comment.

AlexPav09 22:39, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

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