Hey guys. I'm rewatching Season 5 at the minute, and I'm kinda confused about the date of the Purge. Horace in Locke's dream in an earlier season says he's been dead 12 years, placing it at 1992, which is fair enough. But, Widmore is seen being exiled in Dead Is Dead (I think that's the episode), post-Purge (as Benjamin is seen in the Barracks with Richard and Alex) and he states to Benjamin in 2008 (before Ben tries to kill Penny) that the Island won't let him go back, and that he's been looking for the Island for almost 20 years. I wouldn't call 16 years 'almost 20', but that's just me. Another thing: Rousseau said Alex was taken a few days, maybe a week, after she was born. Assuming she was 7 months pregnant in November 1988, Benjamin went into her tent with the pistol and took Alex, around January 1989. Who was with Ben? Ethan Rom, Horace and Amy's 11-year-old child. I highly doubt he and Ben would've just left DHARMA on a wild baby-napping mission with the Others without anyone in the Barracks noticing. So, this seems to suggest that Alex was taken post-Purge. If I was to guess when, I would say, the Purge occured around 1987/88. Any other evidence I'm missing? Please discuss/help :D thanks.

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