Hi everyone :) just rewatched Flashes Before Your Eyes (where Desmond travels back in time after turning the failsafe key) and it puzzled me a lot, especially after watching the entire series beforehand.

My main question is: how did Eloise know about Desmond going to the Island, etc, and the man with the red shoes who was crushed by the scaffolding? It has been made clear in Season 5 that all her precognition about her son Daniel was because she met his time-travelling older self in the 1970s, which makes sense. What I can't figure out, however, is how she knew what she does in this episode. It's possible she was told about it by Jack or somebody in the 1970s, but whether Desmond in turn told them is a mystery. Does anyone have any ideas? It's really bugging me :(

Thanks :)

PS. If you're smart enough to figure out that, maybe you could explain to me the whole Desmond experiencing and overwriting past memories thing despite the WHH rule, like he also does in Season 4 in the helicopter. I don't get that either :P God, Lost is a mindf**k. Peace :)

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