• AlexPav09

    How Did Eloise Know?

    March 4, 2011 by AlexPav09

    Hi everyone :) just rewatched Flashes Before Your Eyes (where Desmond travels back in time after turning the failsafe key) and it puzzled me a lot, especially after watching the entire series beforehand.

    My main question is: how did Eloise know about Desmond going to the Island, etc, and the man with the red shoes who was crushed by the scaffolding? It has been made clear in Season 5 that all her precognition about her son Daniel was because she met his time-travelling older self in the 1970s, which makes sense. What I can't figure out, however, is how she knew what she does in this episode. It's possible she was told about it by Jack or somebody in the 1970s, but whether Desmond in turn told them is a mystery. Does anyone have any ideas? I…

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  • AlexPav09

    The Visions

    August 27, 2010 by AlexPav09

    OK, I have a theory about the visions of the deceased on- and off-Island, and the apparent plot hole whereby MIB can't travel over water or leave the Island but he's somehow able to appear to Michael and Jack on the freighter or in St Sebastian's, respectively. If you think back to Season 1, when Jack first sees his 'father', he sees him standing on the beach and also slightly in the ocean. After looking away for a moment, Jack looks back to where he saw him and he has vanished. This to me contradicts the later appearances of MIB when impersonating John Locke, mainly because the fake Locke is basically the same as the real Locke. He can't vanish at will, he is solid and tangible, he must walk round. But the Christian (which MIB says was hi…

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  • AlexPav09

    The Purge

    November 29, 2009 by AlexPav09

    Hey guys. I'm rewatching Season 5 at the minute, and I'm kinda confused about the date of the Purge. Horace in Locke's dream in an earlier season says he's been dead 12 years, placing it at 1992, which is fair enough. But, Widmore is seen being exiled in Dead Is Dead (I think that's the episode), post-Purge (as Benjamin is seen in the Barracks with Richard and Alex) and he states to Benjamin in 2008 (before Ben tries to kill Penny) that the Island won't let him go back, and that he's been looking for the Island for almost 20 years. I wouldn't call 16 years 'almost 20', but that's just me. Another thing: Rousseau said Alex was taken a few days, maybe a week, after she was born. Assuming she was 7 months pregnant in November 1988, Benjamin w…

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  • AlexPav09

    Two Reasons

    June 16, 2009 by AlexPav09

    It's a popular theory that Nemesis= Ol' Smokey. I've got two reasons for agreeing with this.

    Firstly, when Benjamin summons Smokey in S4 to attack Keamy's men, Smokey's there pretty damn fast. But, he 'never' appears the second time he does it, but 'Locke' does come out of the jungle. Obviously Nemesis= Locke.

    Secondly, when Ben goes to be judged by Smokey, the Nemesis conveniently leaves right as Smokey judges, and comes back just after Smokey leaves.

    I think these are both really subtle clues about Smokey's identity. It wouldn't be a stupid idea for Jacob to be fighting against Smokey for control of the Island. Maybe Nemesis adopted his Smokey form to escape the Ring of Ash, until he could break it and leave in full force.

    Are there any othe…

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  • AlexPav09

    Battle At Sea

    May 29, 2009 by AlexPav09

    Does anyone remember during the timeshift period, when Sawyer, Juliet and co found the Ajira 316 bottle in the outrigger, and after taking it to sea, they were promptly attacked by a second outrigger? Was it Ilana, Bram etc with the crate and Frank, on the way to the Cabin to stop the Nemesis? I would have thought so, but if so, how did the other outrigger get there? From there, I would have said it was the one Frank and Sun took to the mainland, but Frank took it back, did he not? So who's outrigger is it? Really confused :(

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