Maybe that's what Faraday did (turn the wheel to save Charlotte). Faraday isn't crazy, he's got a better grasp than anyone on space time, other than his mother. If he really thought that she would die anyway, he wouldn't have done it. Maybe he thinks that he actually can change time and make a "new street". He talks to Desmond to get him to talk to his mother in the future which is essentially changing Desmond's past to have the memory of Faraday at that time. This was basically contrary to Faraday's previous theory that you will be stopped if you try to change things. Usually, if you were about to change something, another flash would happen and you would be gone. This is what happened to Desmond and Faraday but Desmond retained the memory. You could argue that Desmond has different rules, but I don't think this.

    • Another Theory: You can MAYBE change time/make a new street when you are grounded in time (they are grounded in '77 Dharma Times). This doesn't really explain why Faraday would have moved the island but it explains why he would have told Charlotte to leave the island (as a little girl) and she would have remembered it. When you are traveling through time and space at a fairly fast rate and going through many different times like when Sawyer, Faraday, Juliet, etc... were you essentially can't change things. A flash occurs if you try to do this. However Faraday basically does this to Desmond and it works (speculate what you will). In addition, when you are traveling through time at a super-high speed (changing between memories exponentially fast like Theresa or Charlotte were), I think, you can see both timelines of your life when someone changed it. I don't think Charlotte remembered Faraday all her life saying that to her as a child, but when she was caught in that "Exponential Time Travel" (Like Theresa, Simkowski, and Desmond was), she saw Faraday do it in the future. Her Timelines are mixed and she is traveling so fast in her own consiousness that she sees it all (past, present , and future past). When I say future past, I mean alternate timelines that put your past in your future: Charlotte saw herself as a little girl being spoken to by a Daniel Faraday who had just watched the grown up Charlotte die from essentially a brain aneurysm just like the mice he practiced sending their consciousness to the future. That memory hadn't come yet, but in Daniel's present timeline it was going to happen. Eventually you start to change memories at exponential rates and you ultimately die. While this happens you are changing memories so fast and absorbing things that its all one, all knowing, jumbled stream of consciousness. However, the question still stands though: When applied to the normal rules of time travel (Not rapidly altered personal consciousness like Simkowski or Theresa)- can you change time or make a new street. All the evidence points to yes. Faraday may have needed to go to the Island and see all of this first hand to learn new things about space time. For example, he needed to learn (possibly) that humans, not mice, can change time. I don't think that they can do whatever they want though. Like I said previously- If something was meant to happen, it will happen- like ben killing the others, michael not being able to kill himself because he needed to help his friends, Charlie dieing etc. The Island or Fate wouldn't let these thinks happen. I do think that Desmond is special in the way that he has altered consiousness and can see flashes of the future during Charlie's potential deaths. But, he couldn't ultimately stop Charlie from dieing. This all doesn't mean though that you can't change memories from your past. I still think, as previously said, that when Locke met Widmore in the 50's, that timeline changed and all those memories of Locke in Widmore's head were transfered to him at that time. Just like the adult Ben was potentially given the memory of Sayid shooting him as a kid, right after it happened in Sayid's present timeline, not before. These kind of memories can be transfered/changed (i.e Desmond getting the memory of Faraday). However you cannot change something that was meant/supposed to happen.
    • Also, I like the idea of you die (or start to go into Exponential Time/Consciousness Travel and ultimately get an aneurysm and die) if you get to close to your past self, and it gets worse and worse the closer you get. This would apply to Charlotte.
    • Check out ( to see my previous theories on this subject
    • Also, I do think its possible that if Faraday moved the island in '77, this caused the Special ones to be taken to Dharma times. But this theory is weird and I would like to elaborate on it. Would he have had to have done it right when the plane was coming in? and how would he know? I feel like Since the island moves in time and its not about finding out where the island is, but where it is in time. So, when the plane came back and entered into the island's airspace or whatever, various passsengers (Jack, Sayid, Kate, Hurley) were thrown into Dharma time for whatever reason. It may have something to do the elements on the plane (who was on there, remember it mattered that all of the ones who left would come back to increase the probability) affected the way it entered the island. The ones who were meant to go back, went back. I don't really know why but it may have to do with the fact that they (Those four- Kate, Hurley, Jack, Sayid) were the most important to go to Dharma times. It was part of what needed to happen to save their friends (we will find out the details behind this). Theory: Sayid was meant to kill Ben because been became evil and took advantage of Sayid and had him killing god knows who(don't agree with this).
    • Another thing I want to know about is the time that Ben Linus, Sun, Frank, and the rest of the survivors are in. Is that the present time? Why did the island kind of look run down and weird, what was that weird thing Frank and Sun saw? Why was the old Dharma/Others Homes all run down? Is this because 3 years had past?, but weren't the rest of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 besides the Six and Sawyer still living on the island and where did they go? Why was Christian waiting in one of the run down houses for them, ultimately to tell them that they had a long journey ahead of them to get to see their friends. Maybe this means that they have to restore stability to the time of the island and bring it back to order and on one present time, the island might be split functioning in two timelines/present times right now-Dharma and Present timelines. Maybe this is why it was such a devastating, but necessary thing, for Locke to have moved the island the first time. Before, the island was grounded in one time. Since, the island is grounded in two parallel timelines. Maybe Jack, Kate, and Hurley' job, along with Sun's and Frank's, is to restore the island to one time: most likely the present.

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